Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-A-Thon : End of Hour 12

So I totally missed hour 9 check-in because I was at dinner! ;)

Books Finished:
Pages Finished: 510 pages
Time Spent Reading: 7 hours 35 mins
Mini-Challenges Entered: One
Drawings Entered: Four?

Title: Dramarama
Author: E. Lockhart
Page Count: 305
Where I am: 0

Thoughts (before reading):
Oooops I posted the wrong book..... I chose this book because it sounded interesting since my friend attends a performing arts college and our friendship has been kinda rocky due to it.

Thoughts (during reading):
Haven't started it yet ;)

Thoughts (after reading):
Don't know yet :)


Elizabeth said...

500 pages? That's awesome - keep up the great work!

Mari said...

Haven't read that book. Enjoy!

Happy reading. :)

Trish said...

Haven't heard of the book, but I hope you enjoy it!!

Kailana said...

Dinner is always a good thing! Keep up the great reading!

Lexie said...

Thanks Jessica! I hope I am too, but I was just given the news that the family is coming over tomorrow morning around 9am--and I get to make brunch for the 12 of us (maybe more depending on if S.O.'s come over) so I'm going to be trying to get all that prepared while trying to read so I can stay up as long as possible!

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