Sunday, March 8, 2009


Feel free to contact me at:

I am currently an Undergraduate in college, which means during the school year I tend to be a bit busy (especially during final week) but I will try to respond within a timely manner.

Have a question? Want to trade blogrolls? Send me an email or leave a comment. I also love receiving feedback.

Need help with the look of your blog? I will try to help if I have time available. I am able to do most of the things on my blog, including making custom headers.

Authors & Publishers:
I would be happy to consider ARC's and review copies of books. I do not guarantee a fully positive review of every book, but I do guarantee an honest one. However, I always try to identify at least one strong point of every book. I also do not guarantee a review for every book I receive, due to the fact that some books end up being a poor match which would lead to an unfair review. In the case of this happening, I will try to pass it on to someone who is a better match. I DO NOT SELL ARC's.

At this time I only accept non-returnable hard copies of books for review, however depending upon the book I may accept an e-copy. I would also be happy to have an author guest post or host a giveaway.

I generally read whatever happens to catch my eye, but I tend to lean towards:
-Historical fiction & non fiction
-Teen/Young adult

I tend to not be interested in reading:
-Christian fiction
-Self help

However, this is not true of every book in these genres. It can never hurt to ask ;)

My reviews include: an image of the cover of the book, the excerpt from the cover of the book, link to author's page, link to buy the book (Amazon, Borders, Barns & Noble), and of course my personal thoughts on the book. I try not to give spoilers in my reviews, since it tends to put off readers when the book is ruined for them. I post reviews on my blog, Amazon, and LibraryThing.

I give ARC's and review copies of books priority on my waiting to be read list.


DanielDickey said...

Really digging your blog!....and I don't like too many!

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