Sunday, August 2, 2009

Author of the Month: Alex Sanchez

The author of the month is ...
Alex Sanchez

So I have read 5 of Alex Sanchez's books so far, except for The God Box and Bait. He is an amazing author and probably one of my favorite LGBT young adult authors. I highly encourage you to pick up one of his novels and give him a chance! :) I shall try to post reviews of all of the novels I have read by him during the month of August. Although I would have to say that So Hard to Say is my favorite. ;)

Taken from Alex's website:
Alex's dream to write began in college with an unpublished children's picture book, but then he went on to work for ten years as a counselor of youth and families both in the United States and overseas.

During that time, Alex began to shape a novel about gay teens and their families. As he put the story on paper, it became apparent he was writing the book he'd wanted and needed to read when he was a teenager--a book that would have told him: "It's okay to be who you are."

Although Alex intended to write an upbeat and affirming story that would encourage empathy, he didn't realize until after the release of Rainbow Boys that his book would become an agent of social change, one that School Library Journal compared with Judy Blume's Forever and praised as able to "open eyes and change lives."

Since the publication of Rainbow Boys, Alex has found himself inundated with emails from young people empowered by the book to come out to their parents or to start Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in their schools.

Alex received his master's in guidance and counseling from Old Dominion University. Born in Mexico to parents of German and Cuban heritage, he currently resides in Florida and on the web at

Click on the covers of the books to read the synopsis.


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