Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-A-Thon : Hour 7 Challange

The challenge for hour 7 is to go for a walk and take a picture of what you see.

Well since I am not ready to leave the building yet (even though I woke up at 8 doesn't mean I'm a morning person, I usually wake up at this time). So I decided to take a walk through the hallways of my dorm. This is a picture taken from a forth story window, if you look closely you can see people laying by the tree in the top right.

Living on a college campus can be quit annoying when it gets hot out. All of the girls lay outside exposing all of themselves to anyone who walks by. This has already started to happen and it's only about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. :(

However by going on my walk I discovered it is nice enough to read outside! And plan on relocating there soon :)


Nise' said...

It looks beautiful out! Enjoy reading outside.

Lisa said...

I wish I could relocate outside, but it is not quite warm enough here.

Lorin said...

Reading in the sun has got to be one of my favorite pastimes. Enjoy your lovely day reading and good luck on the read-a-thon!

Jessica said...

Reading outside sounds lovely - it's so nice out here, I may do the same myself!!

Eva said...

That's a fun picture! On our campus, girls didn't lounge around in bikinis all that often-maybe because it was a small liberal arts school?!

Kim L said...

It sounds very nice outside! I agree, dorm life can be annoying. My biggest beef is that it was so darn noisy, making sleep nearly impossible.

Enjoy your reading :-)

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Looks lovely outside, I'm glad you're going to take advantage of it. I live in Madison, and we already has a ton of people out sunbathing and not wearing enough clothes out on the terrace. good grief :)

Have fun with the rest of the Read-a-Thon!

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