Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Review: Dramarama

by E. Lockhart

Two theater-mad, self-invented fabulosition Ohio teenagers.
One boy, one girl.
One gay, one straight.
One black, one white.
It's a season of
gold lame,
hissy fits,
jazz hands,
song and dance,
true love,
and unitards
that will determine their future
- and test their friendship.

First Sentence:
Transcript of a microcassette recording:
Demi: Is it on?

Dramarama is a wonderful book about friendships that are meant to be but don't end up making it. Sadye always felt like she was out of the loop at school, not quite fitting into any clique, until she met her soul mate best friend Demi, a secretly gay boy. They find that they have many things in common, the number one thing being a fierce desire to be well, fierce. The friendship is a match made in heaven, that is until they are both accepted into a summer drama camp and they find out that they don't truly want the same things in life. Dramarama shows the ugly side of what growing up can do to a friendship that readers of all ages will be able to relate to.

I loved this book for multiple reasons, one of them being the fact that it is set in Ohio! :D The other main reason I loved this book so much is because my and one of my old best friends used to do a lot of things that Sadye and Demi do, until she went away to a theater school in New York. We still hang out when she comes home to visit, but there is an awkward void between us since we have traveled in different directions. To some people Sadye may come off as a little bratty because she does complain a lot, but I feel like if I was in the same situation I would become a little bratty myself. I like to think that my friends can only be friends with me, so when they start to hang out with other people I tend to get a little jealous... it's a problem I am trying to work on ;)

I would highly recommend Dramarama to anyone interested in theater because there are a lot of specific plays and acting methods mentioned, of course this just made me feel more out of the loop. I would also recommend this book to anyone who has lost a friend due to a difference in interests or simply due to growing apart over time.

Favorite Quotes:
Then he said: "If you think you'll get a rise in anyone's pants doing it that way, you're mistaken. Do you want the audience to fall asleep, here? Do you? Do you?"
"Little Miss Perfect, thinks she's better than a chocolate cupcake." "Her and her lemonade." "Her and her Annie." "Ugh."

"I feel like, oh, like a discarded napkin."

Title: Dramarama
Author: E. Lockhart
Paperback: 320 pages
ISBN 10: 0786838175
ISBN 13: 978-0786838172
Buy It: Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble
Review Number: 9


Jess said...

I hadn't heard of this book, it sounds interesting. Thanks for the review.

mjmbecky said...

Sounds interesting. E. Lockhart wrote that other book about Frankie Landau-Banks too, right? I read that one, so I'll have to check this out. Thanks for the review! (Although, my TBR pile is getting too big to handle!) :)

thatsthebook said...

This sounds like a great book. It sounds like something I'd really enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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