Monday, May 11, 2009

Mailbox Monday (7)

Courtesy of Miriam from Hachette Book Group
for an Early Bird Blog Tour:
Secrets to Happiness by: Sarah Dunn

The blog tour date is set for June 12, 2009.

Courtesy of Miriam from Hachette Book Group
for an Early Bird Blog Tour:
Mating Rituals of the North American Wasp by: Lauren Lipton

The blog tour date is set for May 27, 2009.

Won from a giveaway hosted by Bev at Merry Weather:
I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti by: Giulia Melucci

Courtesy of Stephen Meier and Devyn at The Faerie Drink Review:
Katka: A Novella by: Stephen Meier

Yay! My first signed copy of a book! :D

What did you receive in the mail this week?


mee said...

So you're reading Wicked now? I have the library book now but may have to return it soon, so I'm wondering if I should start and finish before returning it (sometimes I return library books unread, just because they don't get a chance to be read..)

Kristen said...

Secrets to Happiness and Mating Rituals of the North American WASP both look great. Color me jealous!

My mailbox is here:

Yvonne said...

They all sound like good ones. Enjoy!

Staci said...

Looks like you got some good ones. I love that dog on the front cover of Secret!!

Teddyree said...

Cover of Secrets to Happiness is just so cute!
I'd like to read I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti, interested to hear what you think. Happy reading :-)

susan said...

I keep seeing I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti listed. Wish you gave a brief description or link. Still, looks like a good week.

At Black-Eyed Susan's, I host Little Lov'n Monday. It's a day we commit to reading and commenting to others. Drop us a link and you earn a chance to win a free book.

Happy reading.

Mary said...

I hope Secrets to Happiness is a good as the cover : )

avisannschild said...

Enjoy your books!

Anna said...

I'm on the Mating Rituals tour, too. I just love the cover of Secrets to Happiness. Happy reading!

My Mailbox is here.

Diary of an Eccentric

Kaye said...

I won I loved, I lost I made Spaghetti too but it hasn't come yet. I'm really looking forward to it. Enjoy!

Jess said...

I have heard of all of them except the last one. I hope you enjoy them all.

Scrap girl said...

Lovely selection of books. The cover with the dog made me laugh!

Toni said...

I got a few of those .. Mating and Secret. Look forward to "seeing" you on the tour!! You blog is great!

Missy said...

Secrets to Happiness...I love the cover!

bermudaonion said...

I'm doing the Mating Rituals tour too. I hope you enjoy your new books!

Anonymous said...

Secrets to Happiness sounds really good. And the cover is adorable.

Happy reading. You've got some great books!


Bookworm said...

I'm loving the cover of two of your books this week: Secrets of Happiness (I would buy the book just to look at the cover....such a cute puppy!) and the spaghetti one....cute and simple is totally the way to go! (:

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle said...

Ohhh! I love the cover of Katka, and I LOVE getting books signed. :) When I'm requesting review copies, I will sometimes see if I can get them signed, and have received quite a few... always fun!!

Thanks for stopping by my mailbox ~ Wendi

Alyce said...

Cool cover on Katka! I haven't read any of these, but I've been seeing them around.

Luanne said...

I'm just getting ready to start both of the tour books too!

Amy @ Passages to the Past said...

I just love that dog!

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