Tuesday, April 28, 2009

College Kids At The Public Library

College kids at the public library would be an amazing thing.....
the question is how do we get them there?

I was recently contacted by the manager of my public library asking why I was dissatisfied in the renovation of our library, which I find amazing since she took the time to ask people from the community and shows her ambition to make the library the best it can be. Most of my dissatisfaction is a personal thing against the library being renovated in general, since I like things to stay the same forever ;) But it got me to thinking what I would like to see more of from my public library, and I decided...


Being college aged myself, I think that I would feel to young to hang out with the "adults", while being to old to partake in the teen programs which would be full of high schoolers. :P The only problem is I need help thinking of fun programs that will attract the college aged demographic and that is where you come in!

So far I have only thought of one program:

-A book club that only reads books that have a movie counterpart.
This would mean that the members would get the chance to read a book and then watch the movie, so they can discuss the differences, similarities, and what one may have portrayed better than the other. This would also be fun if a book had a movie counterpart that was coming to theaters, because everyone loves field trips :D

I would love to be able to offer more ideas,
so what do YOU think would be a great program for college kids?


I Heart Monster said...

You might suggest that the library hold a Read-a-Thon event too... that way people of all ages could participate.

Maybe a YA novel spotlight program?

A modern reading area where college-aged people would want to hange out?

Competitions are always fun too. Hope these help.

Forgetful Librarian said...

Interesting topic. Maybe during midterm and final exam periods the library could extend their hours and stay open late...closing the library to all other patrons and only allowing college students in. They could also allow food and drinks during this time. Some colleges and university libraries do this, I don't see why it wouldn't work at a public library.

bridget3420 said...

I have an award for you on my blog!

Jen said...

I'm still a year away from university ^_^ But, I think it would be fun to pick a historical figure and read fiction with them mentioned or involved!

Jen said...

Oh, also I have an award for you!

Rebecca :) said...

When I was in college the thing that kept me out of the public library the most was the fact that there were not enough academic texts to peruse. Another is that the library in Greensboro, NC did not have the best parking and even though it was a new library did not have a lot of actual books, if you can imagine that. Extended hours someone mentioned is also a good idea. Another is to make sure there are some tables perhaps back toward a wall where they will not have to sit next to foot traffic. I know I am easily distracted with that even if they are quiet.

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