Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Finds (9)

The Saucier's Apprentice by: Bob Spitz

I found this book on flickr....? yeah. It's about one man's journey through the best cooking schools in Europe, which sounds like it could be an interesting read. Oh and the cover is amazing ... kind of makes me want to get off the computer and cook something. ;)

Au Revoir To All That: Food, Wine, and the End of France
by: Michael Steingerger

I found this one on Goodreads. It's about the transition of traditional French cuisine to fast food joints like Mcdonalds. The cover is kind of depressing, I can just picture the man looking at everyone going into a fast food restaurant. :(

Did you find anything interesting this week?


Tea said...

I would like to read "The Saucer's Apprentice."

avisannschild said...

These both sound good. Mmm, you've just made me realize I'm hungry now!

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